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Photographs are meant to be treasured.  Photographs tell so much about an individual. At CLP, I pride myself on offering a unique photo experience by approaching every session/event with YOU in mind.  I do this with 3 simple concepts.

-Simple Locations-

Simple locations are great because they allow for YOU to be the most important part of the photograph.

-Clean Edits-

The goal is to make your photographs look, well, like it looked.  The cool new edits are great but will change over time.  A clean edit will last a lifetime. 

-Timeless Photographs-

I shoot not just for your session/event, I shoot for a lifetime.  My images will look the same today as well as years from now. 

I know finding a photographer can be hard work, that's where I come in.  I do the hard work for you.  You will have one of the most laid back, professional experience of any photography session.  Whether it is a Senior/Wedding/Headshot or Film session, you will have a great time.  I make the process as simple as possible.  


I look forward to working with You. 

CONTACT ME for more information.

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